Mega Menu visualisation tool

See a preview of your site's horizontal navigation in EdWeb 2

About this tool

You can use this interactive tool to:

  • preview how your menu labels will display in EdWeb 2
  • experiment with alternative menu labels

The tool is not connected to your live site. The menu previews are based on a snapshot of EdWeb site content in March 2023.

This tool is for quick prototyping purposes. You cannot save your work within the tool.

How to use this tool

Choose your site from the list. You can use CTRL+F (or CMD+F on Mac) to search within the page.

The upper part of the tool shows a preview of your site's horizontal navigation in EdWeb 2.

The lower part of the tool allows you to add, remove and edit menu items.

Screenshot of the MegaMenu tool viewed on desktop

Add menu items using the "New +" button.

Megamenu controls with New button highlighted

Remove menu items using the X buttons.

Megamenu controls with X button highlighted

Edit the top level menu item text using the text edit fields.

Megamenu controls with text edit field highlighted

Each menu item has a number next to it. This shows how many characters it contains.

Megamenu controls with character count highlighted